Client Testimonials

We believe the real proof is in the pudding.

Horizons Magazine

We appreciated Magic Bread's thorough assessment of our current channels. They provided easily actionable steps for improving our social media and digital presence. Hillary and Rebecca listened to what we wanted and what we knew of our audience. Their insights into best practices were targeted to help us meet our goals and speak to our audience. We’ve already put their suggestions into practice, and have seen an increase in impressions and engagements on our established channels. We’ve heard excitement about what we’re doing, and know that the time we’re investing in our social media has real benefits. We have new subscribers to our magazine, and have heard from readers about what magazine content they enjoy, how they use the content we publish and what they’re looking forward to. Our followers have a better sense of the range of programming we offer.

In addition to refining what we were already doing, Magic Bread offered guidance into platforms and tools that would be a good fit for us. We joined a new platform, Instagram, where we’re reaching new segments of our audience. Their suggestions arrived in a document that is easy to reference and skim. When we had questions, the depth and experience behind their answers was impressive. Implementing their ideas has made our work easier and faster, and the posts more engaging for our audience. Win-win! Rise-rise!

Community Shares USA

I highly recommend the services of Magic Bread Consulting. Hillary gave an excellent presentation on social media outreach at our 2019 national conference in Cleveland, Ohio. Our conference attendees all came from smaller nonprofit organizations (10 employees or less), and Hillary’s social media tips were extremely useful to help us build communications capacity in our individual organizations. Her presentation provided information to help us recognize our audience, develop our social media voice, and improve engagement.